Platform for integrated global trade services Mayrock Group is a United States-formed enterprise that incorporated in the State of Virginia6. The Company was founded with the commitment of establishing itself as a premier automobile enterprise specializing in trading vehicles domestically and globally. With consistent annual growth, Mayrock has established itself as a leader in the automobile trade business in U.S. Mayrock has expanded its business to include automobile parts, international trade of general me rchandise (including e-commerce), logistics, supply chain finance, agriculture produc ts, medical equipment, energy, machinery, and electronics. Today from its headquart ers in Los Angeles, California, Mayrock manages more than half a dozen branches in Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and other cities in China. Looking to the future, Mayrock plans to invest in the construction of trade-free zone parks at major ports. These sites will become platforms to provide one-stop int egrated services for global trades. Functionally, these platforms will provide a number of services such as tracking business transactions and big data, warehousing and logi stics, global allocations, finance, and port services. Moving forward, through its new p latform for integrated global trade services, Mayrock is committed to becoming a brid ge that connects major economic units and a link for all port cities.

美石集团 ——国际贸易综合服务平台 美石集团主要业务包括国际贸易、电子商务、供应链金融、物流及产业园投资,涉及到的行业有汽车和零配件、日常消费品、农产品、医疗器械、能源化工、机械电子等。 美石集团的物流中心位于洛杉矶,并在中国北京、天津、青岛、宁波、郑州、深圳、厦门等城市设有分支机构。 未来,美石集团将在世界主要港口投资建设具有保税特色的产业园区,把园区打造成一站式国际贸易综合服务平台,其主要功能将包括展示交易、大数据、仓储物流及全球调拨、金融和口岸服务等。美石集团致力于成为全球主要经济体对外往来的纽带和港口城市的名片。


Address: 8300 Greensboro Drive, STE 1025, McLean, VA 22102