We offer inland and ocean logistic services for auto traders, independent dealers, and individuals seeking to move vehicles to destinations at competitive prices. Throu gh a network of premium partnerships with auto and general merchandise trucks, ste am lines, and facilities, we offer the best integrated transportation solution. By custom izing each shipment to meet client requirements in areas like budget, delivery time, an d services, Mayrock has created a rich logistical experience that also includes full cover age of the carriage and real-time tracking.

美石集团拥有美国国内、从美国到中国、中国港口的完整的国际物流服务体系,并提 供美国仓储运输、美国出口货代及国际航空与海运物流、中国境内进口报关报检、中国境 内的仓储物流等方面的完整的物流服务,并拥有超过15年的相关经验。在洛杉矶,美石拥 有面积超过80000平方英尺的现代化仓库,可以为客户提供品质高、价格有竞争力的服务。


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